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Manse Jewels is a company focused on the design, manufacture, import and export of a wide range of jewelry products. You will be able to find a fine selection of rings, earrings, chokers, bracelets or pendants among other currently high-demanded items.

Founded by a serious and professional team, based on initiative and a great experience in the sector, Manse Jewels is characterized by a perfect symbiosis between youth and wisdom, wchich can be reflected in each manufactured piece. This is the main reason why we are currently in full expansion outside our regular borders.

Our team, based in Córdoba, provides a service to a wide network of professional jewellers from all over Spain and Portugal.

Our personal objective is not only to facilitate the work made by the professional but also to increase their sales in the most optimal and comfortable way for every part. Placing your trust in Manse Jewels means choosing a team that will respond to any arising problem and a team that will give you a personalised service adapted to your needs.

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